Luke  is a life long lover of the Church and her life, liturgy and law. Luke has been involved in ministry in some capacity for almost of his entire life and has spent most of his adult life working in full time ministry of one kind or another. He’s held jobs as the director of a retreat centre, a youth ministry coordinator, travelled with music and children’s ministries (in large cat costume),and worked as a full time technical director (in a Catholic parish) among other things.

Luke has a deep desire to see Catholics come alive in their faith. “I want Catholics to  realize what it is that we have!” He speaks with a conviction and intensity that’s clear and understandable.

He has been married to his beautiful wife Rosemary for a dozen years in that time they’ve been blessed with five young daughters, and one son.

Luke has two diplomas from the John Paul II Bible School (Sacred Studies and Leadership & Prayer), he is currently working on his BA in Theology, he dreams some day of finishing that degree and moving on to his next one… he’d also like to finish school before he retires, his wife isn’t hopeful.

Fees: Luke charges the normal rate of $150/talk, $250/day or $500/weekend travel is billed at $0.50/km for bookings outside of the speaker’s metropolitan area. Location: Based in Stony Plain, AB


Luke is happy to speak on almost any subject that you request. A sampling of topics he has covered in the past is included below.

  • Liturgy
  • Saints
  • Sacraments
  • Life in the Spirit
  • Marriage
  • Fatherhood
  • Leadership
  • Visioning

Contact Luke at: